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Gold Septum Piercing

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Gold Belly Button Piercing

Genuine gold belly button piercings 

Real Gold Piercings in 14 and 18 Carat Solid Gold

Piercings made of real gold are the most valuable piercings you can wear or give as a gift. All piercings offered are made of 585 gold and are of the highest quality.

We specialise in these high quality piercings and only offer hypoallergenic piercings in genuine yellow gold and white gold. We have piercings for every part of the body in our shop: gold nose piercing, Gold Belly Button Piercing, Gold Tongue Piercing, Gold Lip Piercing as well as Gold Eyebrow Piercing and the Gold Intimate Piercing (Gold Nipple Piercing) you can buy online from us.

We also offer universal piercings like cartilage tragus piercing and Gold Helix Piercing as well as Gold Horseshoe Piercing and CBR rings. We also offer single Gold Piercing Parts in case something gets lost.

We are a highly specialized international onlineshop and also have a german Gold Piercing, french, spanish and polish Złoty Piercing version of our onlineshop where you can buy gold piercings at the best prices.

Quality that lasts

Gold jewellery is the most bought jewellery worldwide for a good reason. Because the shine and golden colour last exceptionally well. Gold is also hypoallergenic and can be worn even if you are allergic to nickel or have relatively fresh piercing holes.

Gold piercings are also suitable for non-allergy sufferers, as they are extremely gentle on the skin and therefore do not cause any skin irritations or allergies.

Yellow gold piercings

Yellow gold piercings have their name because of the beautiful yellow gold colour. The colour is hard to imitate, connoisseurs can see the difference between real gold piercings and piercings that only imitate gold. In contrast to platings with gold, even small scratches that occur from time to time are not a problem; they are hardly visible because there is not only a very thin layer of gold over a silver layer but the piercing is made of solid 333, 585 or even 750 gold.

Another advantage of yellow gold piercings is their adaptability: since gold is a soft material, the filigree piercings can be bent to fit exactly.

White gold piercings

White gold piercings are less about the glamour of yellow gold and more about the high-quality feel on the skin and the anti-allergenic properties. Due to the high quality, these plugs are also excellent as a gift.

Gold nose piercing

Gold Nose Piercing are particularly popular because the low weight of the plugs means that a large amount of the precious material is not required and these nose rings and plugs can therefore be bought cheaply despite their high quality. Customers often want to buy L-shaped nose studs online because they are very beautiful.

In addition to solid nose studs, combinations of gold and Bioflex, a soft silicone-like material, are also suitable. These are even more comfortable to wear and since only the piercing head is made of 585 gold, they are particularly inexpensive piercings. In contrast, 585 gold belly button piercings are considerably more expensive, because much more material has to be processed here.

Tragus piercing made of gold

Gold Tragus Piercing jewellery made of real gold is a special eye-catcher. Whether with opal, crystal or zirconia, these trendy piercings look outstanding and sexy. In addition, they are suitable for both women and men, as are all piercings except belly button piercings.