Gold Rook Piercing

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Gold rook piercing

The rook piercing is a piercing with many possibilities - in fact, several types of jewelry can be used to add their touch to this area. Gold rook piercings can be Gold Piercing Ring, Gold Curved Barbell Piercing, or Gold Horseshoe Piercing. These different types of piercing bring with them different styles. Gold is hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about discomfort, especially if you have sensitive skin and can't tolerate certain materials or are allergic to certain metals.

Buying a gold rook piercing

The rook piercing, with its exceptional position in the middle of the ear, is a singular piercing. This piercing brings an antique look when adorned with gold rings, and a more modern look with the gold horseshoe or gold curved bar piercing. Depending on the design of the gold rook piercing you choose, styles change from the uncommon simplicity of a 14-carat white gold twisted clicker ring to the more assertive, luxurious look of a 14-carat yellow gold curved bar piercing with a teardrop-shaped zirconia. For those who are looking for a more sensational effect and wish to assert their individuality, a 14-carat gold horseshoe piercing with spikes is sure to underline your flamboyant personality.

Gold rook piercing jewelry

As you can see, the gold rook piercings in our store let you build your own personal style down to the smallest detail, according to your wishes and desires. The gold of our jewelry adds an undeniable touch of luxury to your desires. When you buy one of our gold jewels from us, you'll receive a certificate confirming the quality of the gold with which your jewels have been made. Take advantage of our free delivery service and let's build your ideal look together.