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Gold Septum Piercing

At Gold Piercing we have a wide range of septum Gold Piercing that are exclusive for their beauty and long-lasting appeal. All white gold and yellow gold jewellery in our collection is sold with a guarantee of authenticity. The advantages of choosing gold as a piercing material are many. Gold is naturally hypoallergenic and is therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin. This characteristic is very important because the risk of infection or allergic reactions is minimal and is consequently also the right choice as the first piece of jewellery during the healing period. In our collection of white and yellow gold piercings for the septum, simple or embellished with cubic zirconia or opals, you will always find the right piece for every occasion and the guarantee of having a piece of jewellery that lasts over time thanks to the noble characteristics of this metal that resists oxidation and and wearing.

Buy Gold Septum Piercing

Gold septum piercings have evolved over many centuries with various designs to the present day with modern trends. At Gold Piercing, we specialise in this type of gold jewellery. When it comes to septum jewellery, the most classic is the Gold Piercing Ring. This timeless piece of jewellery not only has the ability to embellish septum piercings, but also has the ability to enhance Daith, Elix and nostril piercings. For those looking for a classy piece of jewellery, the Gold Horseshoe Piercing with its unique U-shaped design is an excellent choice. This type of piercing has a very high versatility. In fact, it is a favourite jewel for lips, eyebrows and even parts of the ears. In the world of piercings, gold septum jewellery offers a wide range of options, for septum piercings like daith, helix and nostril piercings, to the more particular lip and eyebrow piercings.

Gold Septum Piercing Jewelry

In our shop you can range from the charm of Vintage pieces to Skull and Bat designs. Those who want to stand out will find the Stars and Crown jewellery perfect, while the Bee, Leaf, Fairy and Feather designs are for nature lovers. But that's not all! The Snake, the Horseshoe, the Dice, the Candelabra, the Twig or the Feather are alternatives for those looking for symbolism or perhaps a simple good luck charm. Gold Piercing also invites you to discover the tribal designs or the beautiful flower or butterfly jewellery in its collection. Those looking for simpler geometric designs will find Triangle, Square, Rhombus and Spiral piercings. And to express your emotions we have jewellery with Heart, Tear and Moon designs that transmit sentiment with a bit of elegance. From Skull and Star designs to the more refined Fairy and Crown, Gold Piercing is your best option for choosing your gold jewellery and expressing your self and your emotions.