Gold Nipple Piercing

14 and 18 karat gold nipple piercings

Gold Nipple Piercing

Gold Piercing firmly believes in the charm and indisputable beauty of gold, which ensures the longevity and resistance to oxidation of all the jewellery it offers. This is why all white and yellow gold nipple piercings in our collection are sold with a guarantee of authenticity of this material. Gold is not only beautiful and attractive but also has unique hypoallergenic properties that make it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. This characteristic, which is very important because the risk of infection or allergic reactions is minimised, also makes it the most correct choice of material for the first piece of jewellery because it accelerates healing, especially in very delicate, sensitive areas with a high density of nerve endings such as the nipples.

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It is essential to know which jewellery can enhance this intimate part of the body. The Gold Piercing Ring, for example, wraps effortlessly around the nipple and gives a mix of traditional and modern with a touch of sophistication. Gold rings, especially when worn as nipple jewellery, have a refined taste and their adaptability combined with the design, whether minimalist or a more intricate design, suits every personality type. Nipple Gold Piercing with a straight bar, on the other hand, offers a contrasting look that is both bold and chic. The bar in fact secures the piercing with elegance and sophistication.The most classic style of nipple piercing is the standard style, which usually extends horizontally. However, this type of piercing can also be placed vertically through the base of the nipple.

Gold Nipple Piercing Jewelry

For lovers of geometry and clean lines, with their essential but at the same time modern elegance, we offer nipple piercings with simple bar and ball ends, often embellished with opals or set round cubic zirconia.

These elements make the jewel unique and make it sparkle even more. More elaborate, however, are the piercings with fan, flower or arch-shaped ends, where the curves of the design play with the angularity and harmonious arrangement of the stones.