Gold Lobe Piercing

Gold lobe ear piercings made of real gold with a German certificate.
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Gold Lobe Piercing

At the Gold Piercing online shop, we believe that every ear deserves a touch of luxury, without compromising on elegance and comfort. In addition to the beauty and preciousness of the material, and its resistance to time and oxidation, gold is also known for its hypoallergenic properties that make it the best choice for those with sensitive skin and also the best option for initial jewellery as its characteristics speed up healing. It is therefore our priority to always be able to offer you a wide selection of white and yellow gold earlobe piercings, accompanied by the guarantee of authenticity of this material, to ensure quality and durability.

Buy Gold Lobe Piercing

Gold Piercing's assortment of Gold Piercing jewellery for lobe ensures a personalised and always surprising choice. The straight Gold Labret Piercing jewellery together with the various front designs not only highlight the traditional lobe, but also fit perfectly with helix and tragus piercings. Our Gold Barbell Piercing Normal are very versatile. They consist of a straight bar and beautifully designed ends and find their perfect place in the earlobe. For those looking for a more classic and simple style, our Gold Piercing Ring offer an evergreen and refined look that makes them ideal not only for the earlobe, but also for helix and tragus piercings.

Gold Lobe Piercing Jewelry

In the world of gold lobe piercings, our collection ranges from the simplest models made entirely of gold, with designs such as heart, moon, star, simple round or triangle, to more elaborate models with opal stones or cubic zirconia and the most varied designs such as butterfly, flower, bee, snake, cross, angel wing or lightning bolt. Even the very simple straight or curved bars are very refined and fashionable and the stones give them a unique touch of elegance.