Gold Piercing Parts

Balls and screw closures made of 14 and 18 karat gold available for purchase.
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Gold Piercing Parts

When choosing the material for your piercing jewellery, nothing compares to gold in terms of both glamour and quality. Always loved for its incredible beauty, this material also has formidable characteristics that make it resistant to time, wear, oxidation and corrosion.That is why at Gold Piercing we are proud to present you a selection of white and yellow gold Piercing Parts of incomparable charm and durability. All our pieces are always accompanied by the guarantee of authenticity of the jewel and the material to assure you that you are really investing in something that retains its value and charm over time. Gold is also the perfect material for those with sensitive skin or who suffer from allergies! In fact, it is hypoallergenic, which ensures that you can wear your piercing safely and comfortably at all times.

Buy Gold Piercing Parts

In our online shop we provide you with a wide range of Gold Piercing Parts that perfectly complement any style, ensuring that you never have to compromise on quality, elegance or comfort. Gold Piercing Parts essentially consist of two basic components, namely the 'Top' and the 'Base'. The Top, which in most cases is the most visible part, the one that is the centre of attention, would be the most external piece. The Base, a part that is sometimes completely invisible, however plays a crucial role. This element ensures that the piercing remains firmly in place and at the same time is comfortable to wear. Whether it is the more classic lobe and cartilage piercings, or septum and nostril piercings, the white gold and yellow gold parts always add a touch of class to your style. The belly button piercing, embellished with a gold piece, becomes a shiny body part that is especially perfect for the warmer seasons! The simplest Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing finds its dimension with this material that enhances its beauty and is able to turn this small piece into a unique and fascinating as well as elegant piece of jewellery.

Gold Piercing Parts Jewelry

We at Gold Piercing are fully convinced that piercings are an expression of the wearer's individuality and inner self, a reflection of everyday life and, of course, a pure expression of one's own style. Triangles, flowers, stars, butterflies, rounds, straight and curved bars, crowns, hearts, lightning bolts, moons, Hamsa, snakes, bees, crosses and many other shapes and compositions are the designs we offer in our shop for gold Piercing Parts. These elements can be found for every taste and style. Whether it is the simplest format in pure gold and more basic shapes such as sphere, triangle, round, heart, moon or star, or whether it is the more elaborate compositions made of opals and zircons, you will always find the Piercing Parts that suit your style and your piercing.