Gold Clicker Piercing

14 and 18 karat gold clicker piercings

Piercing clicker gold

Nothing beats the simplicity, elegance, and practicality of a gold clicker ring. It makes a sound when it closes, and that is why it is called a clicker. Putting on and taking off your piercing is quick and easy with its modern mechanism. As with all piercings in our shop, clickers are made of gold that is hypoallergenic, provides maximum comfort, and is safe even for people allergic to other metals, or those with sensitive skin.

Buy a gold clicker piercing

In our store, you will find a large collection of gold clicker rings for different types of piercing. Some of the best-selling gold clicker rings are Gold Helix Piercing, Gold Daith Piercing, Gold Rook Piercing, and Gold Nose Piercing which will give you a very subtle look. For those with more courage looking for something original to make them stand out, we recommend our gold clicker rings for Gold Septum Piercing that link tradition and modern style.

Gold clicker piercing jewellery

Our clicker rings are available in 14-carat yellow, white and rose gold. They can be simple or more sophisticated, decorated set with zirconia or opal. All 14-carat gold clicker rings come with a certificate to assure that you buy high-quality gold. Delivery over £19 is free, so don't wait any longer, check our collection and get the gold clicker ring that is perfect for you.