Gold Helix Piercing

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Gold Helix Piercing

Fall in love with our exceptional jewellery pieces, such as the gold helix piercings! Available in numerous designs with various shapes, our gold helix piercings offer more than just an elegant and refined look. Whether it's in white or yellow gold, each piercing adds sophistication to your style. Moreover, all our gold piercings are hypoallergenic due to their composition. To ensure the quality of the gold we provide a certificate of authenticity with each piercing you purchase from us.

Gold Ear Piercing for the Helix

The helix is a relatively large area located on the upper part of the ear. This vast space allows for a wide range of choices for your helix, and the options don't stop there. Various types of gold piercings can adorn the helix. Gold Horseshoe Piercing and Gold Piercing Ring give a refined and timeless look. When positioned in twos or threes, they add a hint of rebellion and will surely attract attention, enhancing both your ear and your face. Gold Labret Piercing are also well-suited for helix piercings. Slightly more discreet than rings and horseshoes, they are often used in curated ear combinations to create a cohesive look. The Gold Barbell Piercing is the most popular piercing jewellery. The short 6 mm bars with a ball at the back are perfectly suited for Gold Ear Piercing.

Buy a Gold Helix Piercing

Our gold helix piercings are available in various shapes, symbols, and combinations of semi-precious stones and will perfectly adapt to your desires. Their sizes vary, but the thickness of the bar is generally 1.2 mm and the length of the bar most often ranges between 6 and 8 mm. The size and thickness of the gold rings, gold horseshoes, and gold labret piercings affect the look and appearance. You can experiment with thickness and size: create a discreet and refined look using small and thin piercings, while larger and thicker piercings will create a more exuberant style.