Gold Conch Piercing

14 and 18 karat gold conch piercings

Gold conch piercings

Our gold conch piercings connect the distinctive style of conch piercing with the elegance and delicacy of gold. In our store, we offer you a wide choice of 14-carat yellow, white and rose gold piercings adorned with opal or zirconia and featuring various shapes. Our collection of gold conch piercings is a great choice for everyone. Gold is hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent piece of jewellery for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Buy a gold conch piercing

We offer several types of gold conch piercings, each bringing a different, personal look. The Gold Piercing Ring is more traditional and elegant, while Gold Labret Piercing is more discreet adding a touch of mystery. You can also choose Gold Barbell Piercing that will always attract the attention of everyone around. In out shop you will find different piercings for different customers, different days, occasions and moods!

Gold conch piercing jewellery

Our gold conch piercing jewellery, such as rings, labrets or bars, come with various beautiful attachments. In our collection, you can find different types, and shapes, 14 carat yellow, white or rose gold piercings, which allow you to design your own unique jewellery. Whether you prefer a white gold ring adorned with opal, a yellow gold labret with a butterfly, or a 14-carat rose gold bar, you will find what you are looking for in our store!