Gold Curved Barbell Piercing

14 and 18 karat curved barbell (banana) piercings

Gold Curved Barbell Piercing

Discover our selection of Curved Barbell in white and yellow gold that will charm you with its beauty, quality and durability. It is made of real gold, which is associated with wealth and luxury, which will make you feel so special. Shiny gold not only looks fantastic but also is long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and oxidation. All white and yellow gold piercings in our collection come with a certificate of authenticity. The are so many reasons why you should buy gold piercing! One of the most important ones is that gold is hypoallergenic which makes it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. When you think about getting a new piercing choose gold to make sure it is done safely with material that will prevent infections, allergic reactions and help it to heal quickly.

Buy Gold Curved Barbell Piercing

The natural curves of the barbell combined with the beauty of gold make gold piercing a special piece of jewellery that will enhance your facial features. One of the most popular piercing spots for the curved barbell is eyebrows. You won’t find any material that will emphasize that sparkle in your eye better than gold. The curved Gold Barbell Piercing is also perfect for your belly button. It will make not only your belly button, but all of you shine during summer. If you wear it hidden during colder days, this jewellery made of gold will make you feel powerful and confident. The Gold Curved Barbell is the ideal choice for your ears, will add elegance when used for eyebrows and sensuality if you wear it in your belly button.

Gold Curved Barbell Piercing Jewelry

At Gold Piercing, we are passionate and fully committed to satisfying every taste and trend. Our collection has a wide range of piercings, so you can always find the perfect type of piercing to suit your mood or style. From simple shapes designed for those trying to find looking for a more classy look, to stylish, sophisticated, bling Gold Curved Barbell piercings with eye-catching pendants, explore our gorgeous collection on our website. This piercing is made of pure gold, so it presents itself as fabulous without added stones or crystals. You can decorate the bar made of white gold or yellow gold with a classic ball or spike. If you are looking for more, you can add different attachments on one or both sides. Choose from cubic zirconia or beautiful opals that take the piercing to the next level. The stones come in various colours, such as passion red or calm blue, and of the most diverse shapes, to allow you to fully express yourself. We can find here a variety of different designs and shapes, such as a teardrop, heart, star, ball, square, rhombus or ellipse, choose one that will highlight your personality! For a more sophisticated style, check out our pendants composed of several stones that create beautiful compositions such as a folding hand fan, crown, butterfly, flower or even the simple sphere that, adored with zircons, will be perfect for any occasion.