Gold Belly Button Piercing

Genuine gold belly button piercings

Solid Gold Belly Button Piercing

The solid gold belly button piercing connects the popularity of the belly button piercing with the touch of elegance provided by this noble material. In our store, we also have a wide selection of white gold piercings. Our belly button piercings are available in several styles and shapes, ranging from dangling belly button piercings to reverse belly button piercings. The noble nature of our solid gold piercings guarantees comfort and safety due to their hypoallergenic properties. All our white, rose, and yellow gold belly button piercings come with a certificate guaranteeing their quality and purity.

Belly Button Gold Piercing Jewelry

The belly button can accommodate various types of piercings, such as Gold Piercing Ring or a Gold Horseshoe Piercing. However, the most popular and best-suited piercing for the belly button is the Gold Curved Barbell Piercing. Our gold curved barbell piercings are standard size: the bar is 10 mm long and 1.6 mm thick. Due to its shape, the gold banana piercing is the one that best fits the belly button, making it a comfortable piercing to wear.

At Gold Piercing, we celebrate everything a piercing represents; we know it's not just a simple piece of jewelry, it's much more than that! It's a self-affirmation, the expression of one's feelings, of one's desires. For some, the piercing will crystallize the desire to be more confident, for others, it will represent rebellion. In any case, piercing is a form of body expression that is different and unique for each person.

Buying a Gold Piercing

Your satisfaction, comfort, and safety are our priorities. Our standards in terms of gold quality, the finishing of our piercings, as well as our after-sales service have already been tested and approved by thousands of customers across Europe. When you buy a Gold Piercing from us, we always send it in a gift package. This special touch is particularly effective and appreciated when it comes to giving a gift to a loved one. We strive to provide you with an optimal experience because we know that the pleasure of giving is as enjoyable as the joy of receiving.

In our store specialising in gold piercings, you will find everything you need and much more! Gold is a rust-resilient material that will maintain its shine over time. You will be able to wear your piercing and enjoy its brilliance and sparkle from the first days, forever! We have beautiful gold belly button piercings in various shapes, such as hearts that you can find in the form of pendants, made of zirconia or opal. In our store, we also have belly button piercings in gold with sapphire-coloured zirconia and others proudly featuring a beautiful pearl. Other shapes and ornaments are available such as a flower, a butterfly, a star, as well as other more elaborate designs that are waiting for you to shine brightly.