Gold Labret Piercing

Gold labret piercings in 14 and 18 karat at affordable prices with a certificate.
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Gold Labret Piercing

Come and discover on our Shop our brand new collection of Gold Lip Piercing with its incredible range of models, all created to express your personality and enhance your beauty.

The great selection of Gold Labret Piercings we offer you is dedicated both to lifelong piercing enthusiasts and to those who are thinking of making their first experience in this fascinating world.

Thanks to the noble qualities of gold, synonymous of timeless elegance and guaranteed durability, these piercings are designed as jewellery for life.

And that's not all. Gold is a hypoallergenic material, which minimises the possibility of allergic reactions or irritation, and also offers the ultimate in comfort and style.

Our collection includes various sizes and lengths to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all.

Buy Gold Labret Piercing

Gold Labret piercings consist of an top part available in different exquisite designs that allow you to add a touch of charm and elegance to your personal style.

The classic labret positioned below the lower lip, named Monroe in honour of the iconic mark of the world-famous Marilyn, and the Medusa, positioned above the cupid's bow for a look that is always impressive, enhance all the beauty and comfort of gold labrets.

For those who prefer to give a touch of verve to the lower lip, the labret piercings located under this part of the mouth are ideal and add a touch of elegance thanks to the beauty of gold.

For any occasion, with a top customised to your taste, you can always flaunt a bit of luxury and sophistication on your lower lip.

Gold Labret Piercing Jewelry

In our shop you will find an infinity of themes for every style and personality.

From designs with the most delicate geometries in the shape of Triangle, Square or Rhombus exclusively in gold, to more complex shapes decorated with opal stones or zircons, we have something for everyone!

Tops with designs that are as simple as they are elegant, such as the sphere set with zirconia, the spearhead or the pure oval opal, provide lightness and style. Or the Flower, Heart, Tear themes all carry a message of love for those who want to express their feelings.

Sky lovers won't miss piercings with a Sun, Moon or the more classic Star theme.

And that's not all! Many other designs await you in our shop.