Gold Eyebrow Piercing

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Gold Eyebrow Piercing

Gold accentuates the curvature of eyebrows in an extraordinary way thanks to its sparkle and eternal beauty. And that is why at Gold Piercing we offer you a fantastic selection of white and yellow gold eyebrow piercings for every taste or trend. All white and yellow Gold Piercing in our collection is sold with the guarantee of authenticity of this material to ensure you the highest security for quality and durability of our products.

Buy Gold Eyebrow Piercing

At Gold Piercing we have carefully selected a wide range of gold eyebrow piercings in various designs and styles, made to perfectly fit this part of the face. With this material, the piercing becomes a luxurious piece of jewellery, even more so when embellished with beautiful opals or cubic zirconia in many designs and shapes.

The Gold Piercing Ring, suitable not only for eyebrows, but also for helix, daith and septum piercings, is for these reasons a sought-after choice for many piercing enthusiasts. Also the Gold Horseshoe Piercing, with its classic U-shaped design, is suitable not only for shining in the eyebrows but also for embellishing the septum, tragus or lip piercing.

Gold Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

From romantic heart and flower motifs, to teardrop and star motifs, to the simple yet elegant geometry of squares, at Gold Piercing we have a wide range of themes and styles to satisfy every personality's desire to stand out. For those looking for a simpler appeal, we offer an elegant variety of piercings in basic ring designs, with a sphere or with a fine wire twist or even with classic pointed grooves.And that's not all! At Gold Piercing you will find special angel wing, cross and eye-shaped designs.