Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing

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Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing

Gold Piercing are pleased to present our beautiful selection of Dermal Anchor piercings in white gold and yellow gold. All our piercings come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you the highest quality. Gold has always been a symbol of beauty and luxury, but also of durability and resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation. Everyone agrees that the advantages of choosing a gold Dermal Anchor piercing are indisputable.

The gold piercing never loses its shine, as gold stays bright for years and. Moreover, the hypoallergenic nature of gold makes it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin, reducing the chances of allergic reactions or irritation. This property also makes it the best choice for a first piercing material as it helps healing.

Buy Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing

In the Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing, there are two main components. The first one is the upper part, which is visible on the surface, and the dermal anchor that resides under the skin and holds the piercing. The upper part can be adorned with different designs or come as a simple ball or a spike. This element is often used to highlight various areas, such as cheekbones, collarbone, or nape. What is important, the gold dermal anchor placed under the surface of the skin secures the piercing but due to its hypoallergenic properties does not cause any allergies or irritations.

The versatility of Dermal Anchor gold piercings ranges from sternum or wrist piercings to anti-eyebrow. The beauty of Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing is that it can be placed in any part of your body.

Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing Jewellery

The designs of Dermal Anchor Gold Piercing are varied and can range from simple but elegant shapes in white or yellow gold, such as a star, sphere or hemisphere, to beautiful sets adorned with cubic zirconia or crystals.

While exploring our shop you will find jewellery with shapes of squares, flowers, shells, roses, stars, four-leaf clovers, or simple rounds, and piercing with cubic zirconia of various shapes and sizes.

For a chic but more classic look, check out our Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing embellished with a simple cubic zirconia stone.