Gold Lip Piercing

Lip piercings made of real 14 karat yellow gold or white gold.
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Gold lip piercing

Gold lip piercings add a divine touch to your piercing. It doesn't matter if you want to have it done or if you already have it. Gold will sublimate your lips and take your style to the next level. What's more, gold is a hypoallergenic metal, so it's recommended for people with sensitive skin or who simply suffer from allergies to certain metals.

Buy a gold lip piercing

Lip piercings come in a wide variety of locations. Whether you prefer a Monroe piercing, a vertical piercing or a snake bite, gold will add a sumptuous touch to your piercing. In our store, you'll find 14-carat white Gold Piercing Ring to complement your dolphin bite piercing. You'll also find 14-carat pink Gold Curved Barbell Piercing to accentuate your vertical labret piercing, or 14-carat yellow Gold Horseshoe Piercing to make your shark bite piercing sparkle. For your Monroe piercing or medusa piercing, whether you want a 14 carat gold ring or labret, our gold lip piercings await you. Browse our collection and discover the multitude of piercings we have to offer.

Gold lip piercing jewelry

Many different types of jewelry can be worn for a lip piercing. In addition, our Gold Labret Piercing offers a wide choice of designs in many different themes, from simple shapes like hearts, half-moons, circles and stars to more elaborate designs like snakes, butterflies, flowers and bees. Our piercings offer an almost infinite choice of personalization and style. When you buy your gold lip piercing from us, in addition to free delivery, you'll receive a certificate of authentication attesting to the quality of the gold you're buying. Take a look at our collection!