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Real Gold Piercings on 14 Carat Solid Gold

Piercings made of real gold are the most precious piercings you can wear or gift to your loved one. All piercings from our collection are made of the highest quality 585 gold. We specialise in high-quality piercings and offer hypoallergenic piercings in genuine yellow gold and white gold. In our shop you will find piercings for every part of the body: gold nose piercing, Gold Belly Button Piercing, Gold Tongue Piercing, Gold Lip Piercing as well as Gold Eyebrow Piercing and Gold Intimate Piercing and (Gold Nipple Piercing).

We also offer universal piercing, such as tragus cartilage piercing and Gold Helix Piercing, as well as Gold Horseshoe Piercing and CBR rings. If you've lost part of your favourite piercing and are looking for a replacement, you can find one at Gold Piercing Parts.

Quality that lasts

Gold is the best seller of all jewellery worldwide for a good reason. It shines beautifully and it is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. This hypoallergenic material is safe to wear even for those allergic to nickel and will be perfect for your first piercing. Gold piercings are also suitable for those who do not suffer from any allergies, as they are extremely gentle on the skin and do not cause any skin irritations.

Yellow gold piercings

Yellow gold piercing is loved by many because of its unusual colour, which is almost impossible to replicate. Unlike other metals, gold is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Any jewellery will succumb to minor scratches during daily use, but they will not be noticeable on your yellow earrings, since they are made of solid gold of 333, 585 or even 750. Another advantage of yellow gold piercing is flexibility: gold is a soft material, and you can bend it and adjust it to the shape that is perfect for you.

White gold piercings

White gold piercings are an alternative for those who love gold and are looking for quality products in a colour other than yellow. They can be worn alone or as part of a beautiful set with yellow gold piercing. Due to their beauty, high quality and hypoallergenic nature, they make excellent gift ideas.

Gold nose piercing

Gold Nose Piercing is particularly popular because of its small size. It does not take a large amount of this precious material to make this piercing, so they are a luxury that everyone can afford. Customers usually choose L-shaped nose piercings and add their favourite accessories that match their style.

For those looking for an even cheaper option, we offer a combination of gold and Bioflex, which feels like soft silicone. These are extremely comfortable and even less expensive, since only the top part is made of 585 gold, but they still look striking. A piercing that usually requires more 585 gold is the belly button piercing, so its price is significantly higher.

Tragus piercing made of gold

Gold Tragus Piercing made of real gold (also called helix or cartilage piercing) will always attract attention. You can decorate it with opal, crystal, zirconia or classic ball, and it will always look fashionable and sexy. Moreover, this piercing is suitable for both men and women, as are most of the piercings in our store.