Gold Daith Piercing

Gold daith piercings for the ear

Gold Daith Piercing

At Gold Piercing we offer a large selection of gold daith piercings that combine traditional and contemporary styles. By choosing gold piercing, you are not only getting a piece of jewellery, but you are investing in an accessory that will last forever and always looks as beautiful as the day you first wore it. What you also need to know is that the hypoallergenic qualities of this material assure you that the piercing you buy is safe and will not irritate your skin.

Buy Gold Daith Piercing

The Gold Piercing Ring daith fits perfectly into the shape of the ear. The ring will however not only be ideal for daith piercings but also for helix, lobe, and tragus piercings, making it a universal and elegant choice. Another interesting design for daith is Gold Horseshoe Piercing which looks like an open ring. You can also use it for piercings such as septum, conch, rook, and eyebrow, which shows how style and versatility can work together!

Gold Daith Piercing Jewellery

In our collection you can find certified 14 carat yellow and white Gold Piercing, you can explore designs with flowers, moon, stars, butterflies, leaves and twigs that refer to nature. Each element, whether it is a petal or a moon, always tells a fascinating story. For all those who are spiritual and fascinated by symbols, as well as for our customers who want to break away from a classic style, we offer a range of designs with hearts, crosses, eyes, tribal designs, triangles, feathers, rhombuses, tears or the infinity symbol. You can also go for a more Vintage style, one of our skull shapes, or a mystic eye. Other interesting shapes worth looking at are spiral, angel wing, fairy, arrow, star, nut, and horseshoe. As our entire collection, daith piercing can also be adored with cubic zirconia or opals to further embellish your jewellery. The various types of closing systems are available for you to find the style and comfort you are looking for.