Gold Tongue Piercing

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Gold Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are among the most discreet piercings, and the ones that arouse the most curiosity. A gold tongue piercing adds a touch of luxury and a big dose of mystery. As well as being hypoallergenic, gold is ideal for the different styles of tongue piercing that exist.

Buy a Gold Tongue Piercing

Come and take a look at our collection, for inspiration and perhaps to succumb to the charm of your next sublingual piercing by projecting yourself with a 14-carat pink Gold Barbell Piercing, or with a white Gold Curved Barbell Piercing for your scoop piercing. Unless you prefer a 14-carat yellow gold bar for your snake eyes piercing.

Gold Tongue Piercing Jewelry

In our boutique, you'll find the jewel that's right for you, depending on the type of tongue piercing you have. You can choose from piercings in 14 or 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold. All our jewelry comes with a certificate attesting to its quality. Whether you have a scoop, sublingual, snake eyes or venom bite piercing. We have the right gold tongue piercing for you.