Gold Piercing Ring

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Gold Piercing Ring

We have always understood the need for a piece of jewellery that not only stands out for its beauty, but also has lasting value. This is why we offer you a selection of certified white and yellow gold piercing rings that combine style and durability. Gold is not only a metal of rare beauty but also possesses incredible qualities such as being hypoallergenic or resistant to oxidation and the passage of time. All these characteristics make it an almost obligatory choice for those with sensitive or irritable skin and also as a material for the first piece of jewellery during the healing period. It is the right option to always guarantee comfort without compromising on style.

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The classic gold ring represents simplicity, versatility and effortlessly embellishes earlobe, helix, daith and navel piercings. Our Gold Septum Piercing line stands for elegance and boldness at the same time. Initially designed for septum piercings, it is quite versatile for adorning also the daith and some cartilage piercings.

With their elaborate designs, these rings are perfectly suited to the most unusual piercings such as the rook, orbital or eyebrow, ensuring that your piercing always stands out with elegance.

Gold Piercing Ring Jewelry

All the rings available in our shop are available either with simple all-gold designs or with designs enriched with opals or zircons in various shapes, colours and compositions. The gold-only rings can be composed of one or more lines, parallel or intertwined, or they can have engravings, patterns such as pyramid, or have ends with various flat shapes such as the simple round, square, rhombus, triangle, star, cross, heart, sphere, fan or crown. The same goes for rings with opals or zircons. The stones embellish the jewel with various shapes or decorations ranging from triangles of opal spheres to butterflies or flowers of marquise-cut zircons.