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At Gold Piercing, we are proud to present our beautiful selection of white and yellow Gold Piercing with their incomparable appeal and unrivalled durability. Gold is not only attractive but also possesses unique hypoallergenic properties that make it an excellent choice at all times. This characteristic, which is very important because the risk of infection or allergic reactions is minimised, makes it the most correct choice of material even for the first piece of jewellery as it accelerates healing, especially in very delicate, sensitive areas or those with a high density of nerve endings. All our pieces are always accompanied by a guarantee of authenticity of the jewellery and material to ensure that you are really investing in something that will retain its value and charm forever.

Gold Ear Piercing

The ear is the part of the body with the greatest number of potential piercing points. By choosing a Gold Ear Piercing, you opt for the type of piercing with the greatest possibilities and the guarantee of always finding the most suitable piece for your needs with the proverbial elegance of this material and its incredible characteristics that make it a noble metal. In addition to the various types of piercings, we try to satisfy every look. Whether you are looking for a contemporary style or a more classic one, our Gold Barbell PiercingGold Piercing RingGold Industrial Piercing and Gold Labret Piercing are sure to fulfil your every wish. Between Gold Helix PiercingGold Lobe PiercingGold Conch PiercingGold Tragus PiercingGold Upper Lobe Piercing and many more, the possible combinations in our collection are almost endless!

Gold Nose-Piercing

Our 14-carat yellow and white Gold Nose Piercing, because of their natural discretion combined with the gold that gives a graceful glow to the face, will always give you the look you are looking for. Our gold nose piercings are available with different terminals, giving you the possibility to always choose the right combination for every occasion. We offer gold L-shaped piercings, gold nose screws and gold nose studs. We have a large collection of gold piercings with designs ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate, simple or adorned with opals or zirconia. When one thinks of nose piercings, generally 2 come to mind: the Gold Nostril Piercing and the Gold Septum Piercing as they are the most popular nose piercings. However, there are many variations for this part of the body. The classic straight barbells can be used for the nasallang piercing, which crosses the nose from side to side just above the nostrils, for the Austin bar piercing, which is shorter and placed at the tip of the nose, or for the bridge piercing, on the upper part of the nose between the eyes. The Austin bar piercing offers a fascinating variant called the rhino piercing, which consists of the same type of percing but in a vertical instead of horizontal position. The bridge piercing also has its vertical variant called the third eye piercing. Finally, at the level of the septum, there is the septril piercing, which is a labret piercing that points downwards.

Gold Lip Piercings

Gold Lip Piercing are also available for a wide variety of piercings. In our shop, you will find a white gold piercing ring for your 'dolphin-bite' piercing, for example, or a rose Gold Curved Barbell Piercing to accentuate your upright piercing, or the yellow Gold Horseshoe Piercing to make your 'shark-bite' piercing shine. But there are so many other possibilities! The Dahlia piercing, also known as the 'Dahlia bite', is a combination of two piercings on the sides of the mouth. The 'cyber bites' piercing follows the same principle, but consists of a vertical combination of a Medusa piercing and an Ashley piercing, the latter positioned under the lip. Our gold labret piercing offers a wide choice of designs with numerous themes, a very rich selection that always allows customisation and style. Whether you want a Monroe or Medusa piercing, whether you want a ring or a labret in 14 carat gold, our lip piercings are waiting for you. In addition to the many themes, you can choose between simple designs in gold only or more elaborate ones enriched with opals or zirconia.

Gold Tongue-Piercing

Tongue piercings are among the most discreet and the ones that arouse the most curiosity. A Gold Tongue Piercing adds a touch of luxury and gives your look a good dose of glamour. Come and discover our collection and get inspired! The Snake Eyes piercing and the Venom piercing are the most popular. The Scoop tongue piercing is similar to the Venom piercing, except that it is a surface piercing consisting of a single jewel. The Lingual Frenulum Piercing, as the name suggests, is located under the tongue, at the height of the frenulum. Due to its special position, it is the most secret of all facial piercings, as no one will be able to see it unless you decide to show it off. In our shop you will find the right jewel for you, depending on the type of tongue piercing you have. Whether it is a scoop, sublingual, snake-eye or venom bite piercing, we always have the right gold tongue piercing for you.

Gold Belly Button Piercing

One of the most popular piercings is the Gold Belly Button Piercing. Although there are no variations for this type of piercing, you can still choose some variations of the jewellery you wear. Apart from the other jewellery that can be placed in this area, such as the ring, the banana piercing is by far the most popular and most comfortable for this position and can also be put on backwards (top-down) to achieve a different style. Our shop offers a wide selection of solid 14 carat gold belly button piercings at very affordable prices. Real gold piercings can have simple, basic shapes and be made of gold alone or be embellished with opals, crystals or cubic zirconia in many different themes and shapes. Gold banana belly button piercings are also particularly suitable as initial jewellery as they fit perfectly into the natural curves of the body. This feature creates less friction on the skin, which is thus irritated as little as possible during the delicate healing period.

Gold Eyebrow Piercing

There is another facial piercing that we have not yet mentioned: the Gold Eyebrow Piercing. This piercing differs from other facial piercings. It can accommodate many different types of piercings and is therefore a very versatile piercing that can produce a multitude of looks. At Gold Piercing, we have carefully selected a wide range of gold eyebrow piercings with various designs and styles, made to perfectly fit this part of the face. With this material, the piercing becomes a luxurious piece of jewellery, even more so when embellished with beautiful opals or zircons in many designs and shapes. The gold piercing ring, suitable not only for eyebrows, but also for helix, daith and septum piercings, is for these reasons a popular choice for many piercing enthusiasts. The gold horseshoe piercing, with its classic U-shaped design, is also suitable for both eyebrows and septum, tragus or lip piercings.

Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing

As for the rest of the body, the Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing can be placed in unusual places and can highlight any spot. Unusual but popular, these piercings can be placed on the pelvis, chest, neck, collarbone and even cheekbones. In the Gold Dermal Anchor Piercing, two crucial components come into play. We are talking about the upper part, which is the part visible on the surface, and the dermal anchor that resides under the skin and ensures the jewel's hold. The upper part can be adorned with the most elaborate designs or it can simply exhibit the pure beauty of gold. At the same time, the gold dermal anchor positioned under the surface of the skin not only secures the piercing, but also ensures that the hypoallergenic properties of this material keep any allergies or irritations at bay.

Gold Intimate-Piercings

At Gold Piercing we are pleased to present our fantastic selection of Gold Intimate Piercing that will take your body jewellery to a whole new level in both elegance and sophistication.

Whether you are thinking of a gold barbell piercing for a Gold Nipple Piercing or a more discreet gold curved bar piercing for your Genital Piercings, with our collection we are sure we can satisfy your every desire.

When it comes to Piercing Intime, the sites vary widely. For men looking for an intimate penis piercing for example, there are several options available. The best known are the Prince Albert Piercing and the frenulum piercing, both of which are placed in the glans area. The frenulum piercing is a piercing through the frenulum, below the glans. There are several variants of the Prince Albert piercing, but they all have in common that it is a piercing through the glans.On the female side, the best known piercing is the Christina Piercing, which is a piercing above the vulva on the Mount of Venus. There is also a large number of piercings on the vaginal lips for women. This is as far as specific piercings for men and women are concerned. The intimate piercing that is common to all genders is the Nipple Pircing. This piercing can be either horizontal or vertical.