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Solid Gold 14 Carat Ring Opal Clicker

Solid Gold 14 Carat Ring Opal Clicker

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Solid gold is a great choice for piercings. It's naturally hypoallergenic, so it's gentle on sensitive skin. Unlike many other metals, it won't tarnish over time, ensuring a clean and consistent look. Simply put, solid gold is both practical and long-lasting for everyday wear.

Segment Rings are almost invisible and close the piercing tightly. Inserting them however is not as easy as with segment clicker piercings.

Discover our captivating Opalite Piercing Ring with a user-friendly Clicker closure! Meticulously crafted from superior quality 14Kt solid gold, this segment hoop ring is an absolute must for every piercing aficionado. The opal-paved semi-circle injects a dose of refinement and class to this striking accessory.

With sizes varying from 8 mm to 10 mm and a thickness of 1.2 mm, this versatile piercing is suitable for a wide range of piercing styles, including Conch, Ear, Eyebrow, Forward Helix, Rook, Snug, Tragus, and Upper Lobe piercings.

Available in both white gold and yellow gold, the Opalite Piercing Ring is an ideal pick for those who fancy a timeless and classic aesthetic. The opal stone in white or opal white pairs perfectly with the gold, adding a splash of color and sparkle to your look.

Made from solid gold, this piercing comes with numerous benefits. Gold is renowned for its longevity, hypoallergenic qualities, and resistance to tarnishing, making it perfect for daily wear. Plus, the clicker closing system guarantees effortless and secure fastening, offering comfort and peace of mind.

Enhance your piercing collection with our Opalite Piercing Ring and let your unique style take center stage. Don't let this exquisite piece slip away – elevate your style quotient with a dash of elegance today!

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